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We are delighted to announce that the Antara Project is now supported by Artists Project Earth


Our world…our concerns…our challenge… Through Music, Words, Art, what can we do?

Resurgence and Ecologist

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Philip Wells (the firepoet)

(http://www.thefirepoet.com/) “We have come not to shout, but to listen;
Not to hoard, but to share;
Not to lash out, but to... read more

Annemarie Borg

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Martin Powell (Poet and Environmentalist)

(http://martinpowellpoetry.blogspot.com/2009/07/global-warning.html) Global warning “Tsunamis sweeping across the deep seas Hurricanes howling with deafening breeze Earthquakes shaking our tectonic plates Volcanoes erupting round Earth as... read more

Rainer Dimmler (Composer and Poet)

Weint meine Brüder, weint, die Tage die wir zählen sind kalt. Kein Gott uns mehr erscheint und wir sind traurig und alt. Verlorene... read more

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