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Blackwell’s Music Oxford
53 Broad Street, OX1 3BQ

Concept, artwork and realisation
Annemarie Borg
Audio mastering Vincent Villuis Ultimae Studio-France
short extracts of:
PLedge @ Nicolas Meier
(with Gilad Atzmon, Asaf Sirkis and Tom Mason)
The [email protected] Lignier
Psyché Océ[email protected] Boulier
[email protected] Sanfilippo
Vol de [email protected] Lemieux
(with Julie Carmen Lefebvre)
[email protected] Yeats
(with Patrick Tapio Johnson)
Aftermath#[email protected] Dana
Adagio di [email protected] Borg
(with Patrick Tapio Johnson)
Gretchen am Spinnrade by Franz Liszt
(with Maria Pikoula)

Also involved in Breaking Through

Painters and Makers
Genie Poretzky-Lee
Natacha Ledwidge
Marc Yeats

Photographers, writers, poets
Satish Kumar (Resurgence and Ecologist)
Ann Schmitz
Christophe Havot
Garbhán Myles
Keith Farnish
Philip Wells (thefirepoet)
Derrick Jensen
Martin Powell


Antara Project London FESTIVAL 8 June at the Lumen Centre Bloomsbury
Our world, our challenge
Antara presents a day of music, images and words
UK Premiere of Pathos by Marc Yeats
UK Premiere of Lumen de Lumine by Constantine Caravassilis