Annemarie Borg

In the stillness we seek there lies an inevitable motion

Antara Project - Annemarie Borg

Our world…our concerns…our challenge… Through Music, Words, Art, what can we do?

As the Antara Project enters its phase 3 (Creativity/Education and well being) I feel it is right that as of now all albums presented on my sites are made

available free on request to Schools/Universities/Educators/Psychologists/Environmental organisations and Animal Rights Organisations
(please notify me via the contact form)



Classical & Vocals
Annemarie Borg/ John Wilson



Electric & Vocals
WIR Thamnos


Iridescent Perceptions

Ambient/ Contemporary/ Vocals
Limited Edition

Breaking through

Compilation of various artists
Antarta AMB

In Nomine Cetus

In Nomine Cetus

Ambient/ Contemporary/ Vocals
Includes Whale Songs

In Nomine Tellus

In Nomine Tellus

Ambient Contemporary/ Vocals