Born in Paris, with a French and Swedish background. Though her love for music started in childhood, she went on to graduate in Business and International Law at the University of Paris. She came to England and studied music to obtain a diploma in Performance and Opera Studies from Birkbeck University. She studied acting at the Method Acting School, under the direction of Andy Lucas. Annemarie’s career has taken her through Europe and across North America over the past 12 years.

Her passion for French Music and Poetry led her to combine interpretation and musicality in songs regardless of the time in which they were written. She invites her listener into her own intimate world and understanding of “Chanson”. She speaks fluent French, English, and Swedish and sings in seven languages. In Paris, she was a prizewinner in the Concours General de Musique et d’Art Dramatique for her interpretation of Gabriel Fauré as a Soprano Falcon. She has appeared in London at various venues including the Jermyn Street Theatre and Pizza on the Park, The Cochrane Theatre, St John’s Smith Square…and InSpiral lounge in Camden.

She scripts, and performs her own one-woman shows. Some of her shows: “Parlez-moi d’Amour”, “A la recherche du temps perdu”, “Americans in Paris”, “Foreign Affairs”  “Secrets” “Impressions” and she now performs live under the show title “Still Motion”

Her interpretation of Fauré songs led to her recording the theme music of the movie “Devil’s gate” which was released in the United States.

She presented a program celebrating the centenary of “Entente Cordiale” which was performed in Paris and subsequently in London. Her retrospective of the life of the French singer Yvonne Printemps was shown at various Festivals in the South of France. She has worked with wonderful musicians like Kenny Clayton and recently  Nicolas Meier, Dave Suttle, Gabriel Keen as well as Antonio Testa and Nova.

As of today her music has been described as: Eclectic and experimental, electronic with some classical colouring with at times engaged and emotional vocals.

She works with a strong affiliation with environmental and educational issues. (ref: Antara Project)

News for 2010 and 2011

-Video release for PETA :Tear Transporter

-Thamnos keeping the same ethos and inspiration, electronica and classical with deeply emotional vocals and texts.

-Continuation of the educational project !NFORMAL4U

-Projects 2011/2012/2013/2014:

Still motion which is concentrating on visual and musical expression (videos) as well as a new approach to live performances with original electronic, ambient and lyrical material, mixing styles and improvisations. (starting April 2011)

Iridescent Perceptions Album available now 2012

Releases for 2013

Intervals Experimental/ambient


Photography/visual Art/Music and Poetry

Perceptions: Art book and Poetry (1st edition)

with Ann Schmitz

Under Palms and Fantômes Africains: photography/Poems and music

The group Cameos are Annemarie Borg and Christophe Havot

Collaboration with Nuno Lupi
details to come

Antara Project with the support of Artists Project Earth bringing together like minded artists around the world to express a shared sense of concern in front of the fragile balance of our planet.

Phase 1: complete: 1 March 2013 with the release of the compilation of various artists: Breaking Through (please check on Antara Project page for list of artists)

Phase 2: 8 June 2013 Antara Festival 1 in London/ Music, Words and Visual Art at Lumen URC Bloomsbury

Phase 3: Lectures on Creativity and Musical performances, on what basis can Creativity help to build a Society more open 2Change + 2day’s challenges? Facts…Research…