Workshops for young people in Leipzig Germany


Un atelier ludique pour sensibliser les enfants à l'écologie !

Annemarie Borg, conférencière en matière de protection des océans et changement climatique, propose une intervention d'une heure pour découvrir la beauté des océans mais aussi sensibiliser les enfants à l'écosystème maritime et aux dangers qui le menacent. Les participant.e.s sont invité.e.s à visionner des vidéos sur les océans, sur les mammifères marins et à écouter des histoires racontées à voix haute. Un temps de discussion est ensuite amorcé pour évoquer avec les enfants les dangers écologiques qui touchent les océans. Pour terminer, les enfants peuvent s’exprimer pendant un temps de dessin.

Pour les enfants à partir de 7 ans
Entrée gratuite
Atelier sur inscription à l’adresse:
Durée 1h00
En langue française


Jeudi 07 nov 2019 -

16:00 - 17:00

Vendredi 15 nov 2019 -

15:00 - 16:00
School kids



by Annemarie Borg Antara Project

Starting on 10 June in London.

With an interactive approach they focus on creative expressions and individual and group initiatives.

Part 1: Why Ocean preservation and Climate emergency

(Projection and commentary of a film showing the beauty of our planet/ocean)

Part 2: Open discussion with the children:

What we observe daily and what we read about....Questions...

What they can do (their own ideas) and how... Practical section, drawing, writing etc...

Insisting on the exciting aspect of what represents a challenge for their generation as much as ours

Stressing we cannot afford to be pessimistic, action speaks however small we think it is, it matters and makes a difference.

Part 3: Conclusion and follow up

Setting goals and making pledges

Forming supportive friendships and groups...

Follow up by teachers and myself Antara Project by direct email...

Publishing on a dedicated page on Antara website of children’s artistic contributions and statements (Writing, drawing, testimonies and questions etc...)

More details soon...


To teach any subject must include allowing one who learns to be creative, imaginative…to think…

creativity > self esteem > inner strength > focus > courage > commitment > empowers us to tackle change and leads to a happier state of being

Annemarie Borg

Transparency Task Force Project

The Transparency Task Force Project as an Ambassador and Event Photographer

I am delighted to have been invited to participate in The Transparency Task Force Project as an Ambassador and Event Photographer. I believe Transparency is an essential aspect in all sectors of our Economy and Society if we are to facilitate trust and change.

Performance coach in UK & EU

Annemarie Borg

Performance Coach United Kingdom, Europe, USA

Individual coaching and group workshops for actors, singers and artists in general.
Working on:
  • repertoire
  • pronunciation (various languages) and diction
  • performance preparation
  • personalised interpretation
  • stage fright
  • stage presence
  • audition preparation
Contact Annemarie Here for more information.

Education is Life Itself


I strongly believe that students should be able to own their learning and their education…
This implies 2 precepts functioning together:
Enjoyment and Responsibility
I believe to implement these precepts we need to look at the tools provided by imagination, talent and creativity which exist in every one of us, both from the point of view of teaching and the point of view of learning…
I am talking here about a two way flow of creative communication…
– How does the teacher impart/share his knowledge/advice in such a way that he enjoys doing so and has a strong sense of his responsibility in this role…
– How does the student learn in such a way that he derives pleasure from it and realises that learning is his own doing…
The Antara Project believes that Education is founded on the following diagram: [>> = leads to ]
creativity >> self esteem >> contentment >> inner strength >> focus >> commitment >>responsibility>> empowers us to tackle change and leads to a happier state of being…
In this, I very much agree with John Dewey:
“Education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living. Without some goals and some efforts to reach it, no man can live. Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”
To illustrate what I am hinting at here…
If you think about an example of creativity, like any artistic expression, the artist enjoys making and creating, he also feels responsible for his work and he certainly lives it…
Let me add that:
I do not restrict Creativity to artistic expression, it is much more and is externalised as an expression of what who we are individually and what are all capable of doing if we allow ourselves and are not limited by an outdated system…
Annemarie Borg [Antara Project] 23 June 2017


About “Politics”

About “Politics” or not…
IMO Politics have reached a point of no return and the changes most of us aspire to will come from individual resolve and strength of vision….
I do believe that artists, creators, makers, educators, researchers, environmentalists, and many others have once more a great responsibility and will speak up, not as leaders but as inspiration and motivators for those who may feel stillness is “safer” than moving forward… All over the world, the sound of change is being heard, it is not a revolution, it is a natural process and I believe it is and will happen… We are all refugees longing for a different global country, and we are all creators with rich inner resources!
As I travel and meet people, this is clear to me and comes from the heart… We are all changing in face of adversity and absurdity, and political nonsense. Hear now how many speak up already!
Today, March 2016, I will compare to March 2020 and March 2025 …So… Let’s see… Much work to be done…