In Nomine

In Nomine Cetus and In Nomine Tellus   The Infinite Power of Vibrations and Frequencies (Series of talks, Visuals and Live Performances 2014… 2015 etc…)

In June 2014 I started to talk about the Infinite power of Vibrations and Music in connection with a Universal Language of Harmony with Nature…

Since working with the amazing sounds and songs of Cetaceans (iWhales) and introducing them to my own compositions, I had a strong sense of the intense meaning of this common Language/Dialogue. I have no doubts after my experiences in Hawaii swimming with Dolphins and near Pilot Whales, that Cetaceans and Humans share even more than a capacity to express complex emotions… 

The In Nomine Cetus Album (June 2014) is a testimony of how I feel about these connections. Visit In Nomine – Annemarie Borg on soundcloud and youtube.

Antara AMB and iWhales

In June 2014 : coming together of the visuals and sound recordings © iWhales with the music compositions of © Annemarie Borg Antara
This project was presented at The Ambient Music Conference on the 28 June 2014

My full support goes to The Oceania Project and iWhales
Established in 1988, The Oceania Project is an independent, non-profit research organization dedicated to the conservation
and protection of whales, dolphins and the oceans.
The first phase of a long-term study of the East Australian Humpback Whales has been the major work of The Oceania Project


Visit iWHALES on soundcloud and youtube