A fusion of sounds/visuals/ideas/feelings and minds

Kantele is the project and partnership of two well-established musicians/composers/writers who have decided to come together to illustrate their vision of the world, in particular the natural world.

In view of the non-commercial, ethical aspects of this artistic expression we have chosen to remain as discreetly in the background as possible, taking the name Kantele. The name of this harp-like instrument originates in Finland’s national tradition of epic poems, the Kalevala.
It is said that the mage Väinämöinen made the first kantele from the jawbone of a giant pike and a few hairs from Hiisi’s stallion. The music he played drew all the forest creatures near to wonder at its beauty. Later, after losing and greatly grieving over his kantele, Väinämöinen made another one from a birch, strung with the hair of a willing maiden, and its magic proved equally profound.

We are Annemarie Borg aka “Antara” and Dennis Moser aka “usrsbin”