Mission statement

Antara Project LogoArt speaks

Our world, our challenge!

Antara means from the heart. The Antara Project relies on communication, imagination and education.

Artists-Creators speak in a language that transcends prejudices and taboos, a language that nourishes the soul, asks questions, appeals to the imagination, to spirituality and creativity.
It is in constant motion as we all are and to be stationary is not an option.

With talent and gifts come great responsibilities. With public performances, exhibitions, audiences and appreciation comes opportunity to challenge,
to make a difference.The language of Art questions and has the power to motivate and energise.

The role of the artist has always been to express what is “naturally meaningful” even if this is uncomfortable and unpopular.
The Antara Project aims to regroup artists who feel strongly about the place and rôle of Art in our society today and even more so in these troubled times.

The language used aims to move away from the usual “polite and nice” for it is time to speak clearly without constraint.
This troubled world of ours calls out to us in a most urgent and obvious way, there is no more time for lethargy.

We mean to illustrate the strength and responsibility Art has as it mirrors the present, with all our shared hopes and fears.
In today’s world we have created our own challenge, can we now face it?
What is the role Artists can assume? And what is the role of Art and creativity in people’s lives?

In this Project we suggest that today our self imposed society disconnects us from what is natural and real. To explore one’s creativity is to reconnect.
Do we feel we are often manipulated? Do we question enough? Are we lulled into a sense of complacency and do we try to believe that all is somehow
either “fine” or “inevitable”, and that we as individuals are powerless?
To challenge these implanted ideas and act in consequence are the most exciting tasks of this generation and the next.
The wrong kind of hope encourages apathy and too much gloom invites denial, helplessness or detachment.
The balance of our planet is fragile yet our mother Earth is sound, generous and purposeful.
We have a place, a role, responsibilities, but often misguided we treat our planet as if we own it without realising that we are but a part of it.
All on this Earth is in the sharing and respect of all life forms. We have choices and we can make a difference to our future.

To teach any subject must include allowing one who learns to be creative, imaginative…to think…

creativity > self esteem > inner strength > focus > courage > commitment > empowers us to tackle change and leads to a happier state of being

“We must become the change we want to see in the world” Mohandas Ghandi