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by Annemarie Borg Antara Project

Starting on 10 June in London.

With an interactive approach they focus on creative expressions and individual and group initiatives.

Part 1: Why Ocean preservation and Climate emergency

(Projection and commentary of a film showing the beauty of our planet/ocean)

Part 2: Open discussion with the children:

What we observe daily and what we read about….Questions…

What they can do (their own ideas) and how… Practical section, drawing, writing etc…

Insisting on the exciting aspect of what represents a challenge for their generation as much as ours

Stressing we cannot afford to be pessimistic, action speaks however small we think it is, it matters and makes a difference.

Part 3: Conclusion and follow up

Setting goals and making pledges

Forming supportive friendships and groups…

Follow up by teachers and myself Antara Project by direct email…

Publishing on a dedicated page on Antara website of children’s artistic contributions and statements (Writing, drawing, testimonies and questions etc…)

More details soon…


To teach any subject must include allowing one who learns to be creative, imaginative…to think…

creativity > self esteem > inner strength > focus > courage > commitment > empowers us to tackle change and leads to a happier state of being

Annemarie Borg

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