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About the truth…

“Say not, “I have found the truth,” but rather, “I have found a truth.”

Khalil Gibran

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A few words…

Often we choose not to speak about what really matters. We get wrapped up in our busy lives. We are, or believe we are under pressure to conform to certain standards these are often more superficial than fundamental. We have become accustomed to have unreasonable expectations in disharmony with the reality of our human condition. We learn to move further and further away from Nature and its real meaning and beauty especially when we live in large cities, where the consequences of our daily actions are not so immediately visible. We just vaguely know about them.

Our sense of priority is interfered with, we often push semi conscious concerns aside. As individuals we may feel we have little say, so we dismiss what is obvious and give up.

“I am only one person, what difference does it make if I use less water, recycle or give up my car? And why should I, when my neighbour doesn’t?”

Personally, I do not believe this attitude is defendable. We all have
opportunities to have an impact in our environment, and to show how we feel about our fate as human beings. We can choose what happens to our planet and all that live here, today and the next day and the next. But there is no time left for hesitation!

The very essence of Life is a miracle in this extraordinary universe but..

For centuries, we humans have been gradually destroying the very balance of Life on earth as if this was our right. As a result, today our needs exceed Nature’s reserves.

These needs as we call them are nothing we can be proud of when 20% of the world’s population consume 80% of its resources and 5000 people a day die from lack of clean water.

It also must be obvious that no needs or concepts of “life style” can justify the vicious slaughter of animals for skin/fur and other idiotic products relished in our society!

They are tortured in the name of vanity, ignorance, as we create a meaningless market that others less fortunate are tempted to exploit to be able to survive.

The fact is that the society we have built based on such superficial concepts, blind to the consequences, deserves the fate our scientists predict.

We are indeed part of a “Culture of maximum harm” (Keith Farnish)

It is hard to admit but true, that today the world would be a far better place without us.

And if that is not convincing enough because we have lost track of our responsibilities, let’s remember we are by many of our actions biting off the hand that feeds us.

Our survival on earth depends on us respecting its balance; every thing is linked, water, air, light, soil, trees, plants, animals and people and sharing is every thing.

We can take this road, we may still have some choices, on these depend our fate and the possibility to bring this extraordinary World into Remission.

As individuals we have options. As a Society we have choices to make in order to build a better Future.

For Instance:

-Green electricity is now widely available at affordable costs.

-White vinegar used as a general household cleaner for all purposes, does not pollute our environment.

-Limiting water consumption is a normal every day habit outside urban developments where communities live closer to Nature.

-Technology makes it less and less indispensable for us to waste paper, let’s at least make use of one of its benefits.

-What we eat, how we shop, will definitely influence how animals are bred, treated, transported, and how products are grown and our extravagant waste production. We dictate with our demands and requirements, how the market operates.

-The cosmetic industry cannot justify anymore with our so called interest, testing on animals, when it is known that large and reputable companies have chosen to exclude this barbaric process that has become totally outdated.

These are simple things, they are a start…

My wish is:

That we take some time to identify how we can individually assume responsibility for the way our planet and all its inhabitants are treated. It seems to me that the main thing is not to avoid speaking about it and to share our views, whatever they are, even at the risk of disagreeing. The worst things for us all are lethargy, silence and laisser-faire.

AMB January 2013

I feel that our whole education system and its foundations need revising to prepare young people for the changes that lie ahead.

Not to do this is unfair to them. To Inform them about their future and how to handle it is our obligation.

creativity –> self esteem –> inner strength –> focus –> courage –> commitment –> empowers us to tackle change and leads to a happier state of being



These companies have a “no animal testing policy”:

Boots (on their own products)

Waitrose (on their own products)

Marks and Spencer



Dr. Hauschka




Crabtree & Evelyn


Estee Lauder…

Annemarie Borg 10th march 2008