Writers and poets

Philip Wells (the firepoet)

(http://www.thefirepoet.com/) “We have come not to shout, but to listen;
Not to hoard, but to share;
Not to lash out, but to calm;
Not to cover up, but to lay bare. We have come not to suffocate, but to touch; Not to dictate, but to understand; Not to hold back, but to unleash- Not to shrink, but to [...]

Annemarie Borg

“For centuries, we humans have been gradually destroying the very balance of Life on earth as if this was our right. As a result, today our needs exceed Nature’s reserves. These needs as we call them are nothing we can be proud of when 20% of the world’s population consume 80% of its resources and [...]

Martin Powell (Poet and Environmentalist)

(http://martinpowellpoetry.blogspot.com /2009/07/global-warning.html) Global warning “Tsunamis sweeping across the deep seas Hurricanes howling with deafening breeze Earthquakes shaking our tectonic plates Volcanoes erupting round Earth as it breaks Dinosaurs died and alowed man to stand Millions of years changed the face of the land A new world was born and with life it did flourish Enough [...]

Rainer Dimmler (Composer and Poet)

Weint meine Brüder, weint, die Tage die wir zählen sind kalt. Kein Gott uns mehr erscheint und wir sind traurig und alt. Verlorene Kinder sind wir geblieben, unsere Herzen sind verschlossen. Und ohne jemals aufrecht zu lieben, folgen wir tobenden Wirtschaftsbossen. Doch sehet ich träume noch immer, der große Geist sei uns erschienen, in einem [...]

Keith Farnish

“Waking After The Fall The deepest red, Crosshatched with sleep; The drowse like a heavy quilt. A warm pulse and a twitch, Then a hand Upon my arm. The merest glint: Stars and stripes of light; Empires of memory lie undisturbed. What was there then? Though now We have this. A stealthy shift; Patting feet [...]

Antony Gormley – The guardian 13 02 2010

“There is a strong connection between the urge for survival and the art of a people and a time. We have a task in hand. Culture in the developed western world has always positioned itself in distinction to nature: now we have to discover our nature within nature.” “But it is also my responsibility to [...]

Marc Yeats Composer and Painter

“There are two main areas that interest me in Buddhism – impermanence, and the influence of the ego on creative actions. Impermanence deals with the ever-changing nature of all things; the action of the ego deals with the exercise of control and manipulation of matter and events. I feel that these two aspects of philosophy [...]

Keith Farnish – author of: Time’s up

http://www.farnish.plus.com/amatterofscale/timesup.htm http://earth-blog.bravejournal.com/entry/53713 “We can look at the results of the experiment called civilisation and feel helpless, or we can look at what we have in ourselves, and what remains undamaged on the Earth, and think, “we can do better”. “Economic growth as a necessity is the biggest lie that humanity has ever been sold; yet [...]

Satish Kumar Editor-in-Chief of RESURGENCE

“Not only are we ignorant of the dire impact of human activity on planet Earth, but we have been brainwashed into believing that converting natural wealth into financial wealth, and natural products into industrial products represents progress, development, economy and civilisation. No wonder we have forgotten the first principle, which tells us to do no [...]

Ben Okri (Writer)

“There ought to be great cries in the land, great anger. But there is a strange silence. Why? Because we are all implicated! We have drifted to this dark unacceptable place together. We took the success of our economy as proof of the rightness of its underlying philosophy. We are now at a crossroad. Our [...]